Power Within;
Power is to be used & not controlled. I am the Maker embodied in a man; I crave strength. {Indie Hawke RP blog.}

We were on better terms when we were younger…

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"I wish Mother had lived long enough to see this. I hope she’s found peace."


Credit: Olivietta

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Credit: Olivietta

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Pushing Everyone Out


Despite herself, a small smile appeared on her face and she turned away from the man, letting someone make you smile already? You need a tougher act. After a moment she turned back to the man, an eyebrow raised.

"Well, maybe you should stop being rude to everybody and maybe, just maybe, someone would like you." Alex was a blunt person and observant; this man has been here day after day on his own, it looks as if he has no one.

"And puppy eyes? Really? Is that your way of persuasion?” She took the sovereign and reached under the bar, pulling out a bottle of unknown liquid. “Don’t ask what it is, just drink it.” 

Alex went away, momentarily, to go serve another regular when she noticed an oncoming brawl in the corner of her eye. “Maker, every night.”

Rubbing at his eyes for just a single second at that blow below the belt, he sighed. “It’s really second nature now. Family’s gone, my friends have left the city for their own reason… And I’m washed up on a shore of, ‘Hawke, when are you going to become the next viscount?’ Or even better, ‘Hawke, would you be willing to come to one of the Orlesian festivals being held in who-knows where…” Scoffing, Hawke grumbled under his breath. “It’s horrible.”

At the young woman’s remark before she turned, he chuckled. “Fenris used them and it worked quite often on me. I thought it was worth a shot.” He took the drink she offered and tossed it back with a grunt of effort. The liquid burned down his throat, but it was worth it. Already he could feel some kind of buzz going on. Lovely.

A shout of anger distracted him and Hawke turned, looking as one of the patrons slammed their fist into another’s jaw. Squinting, Ethan could’ve sworn that that was one of his workers for the Bone Pit. Foolish men thinking they were young enough to still be doing that, go to work injured, and expect to get paid still.

Although the mage did the same from time to time, so maybe he wasn’t one who should be judging.


A Stranger in a Strange Place


"I apologize for the intrusion when you’ve obviously just returned home from a long journey," she stated. “I will try not to take up more of your time than needed."

Nanna remained quiet, following the Champion into the main room. Her professional facade melting away for a moment, only long enough to send Bodhan and Sandal a warm, familiar smile as she past them. They’d already spoken in Hawke’s absence, having some time to catch up with the pair that had been just as much a part of their group as the ones who actually did the fighting. It was good to know that the dwarves had been well in these past years since they parted ways.

Turning her attention back to Hawke, she took notice of his annoyance. Agitation seeped from his posture, and his expression was no less welcoming. She might not find the help she sought after all. If so, she would move on, but she didn’t have time to waste on begging for help where it was not willing to be given.

"An honor, Ethan Hawke," she replied, shaking his larger hand and nodding respectfully. “I’m Nanna Amell, Warden Commander of Ferelden, and I came to ask for your help. I will explain, and anything you might offer will be welcome, but I’ll not ask anything more of you than you’re willing to give."

Rubbing curiously at his jaw, Ethan sighed once more. “It depends on what kind of help you’re seeking, Miss Amell. I can only give so much nowadays.” Whether that help be taking out a few thugs or travelling across the world, he’d been finding that nowadays his skills were limited, whether it be because templars were watching everyone, every second of every day, or maybe because he just didn’t know how to help.

But this was a bit different, maybe. This was the Warden-Commander. An impressive title, one that held power and influence. He wondered idly for a moment if she knew Carver— that’d be something he’d have to ask later. Looking to the woman in front of him, Ethan sat up. “What exactly are you asking of me, however?”

Watching Nanna with a brow and lowering his hand to his side once more, Hawke observed out of simple curiosity. She held herself proudly and her eyes held experience. She was the one who ended the Blight then, he’d heard the news not too soon after it had ended. But behind that powerful facade he recognized that tired expression that came with having to do almost everything for everyone else with on occasion, no recognition.

Ethan could understand that feeling too, he’d been through it more times than he could count. Which was, yes, almost depressing, but then again, the endgame was what made it worth it.